What are a CASA volunteer’s main responsibilities?

The most important tasks for the CASA volunteer are to:

  • Gather information about the child and case
  • Report findings to the Court
  • Monthly contact with the children
  • Ensure representation of the child’s best interest

How much time does it take to be a CASA volunteer?

Training to be a CASA volunteer is 27 hours over a course of 3 weeks. The time you put into investigating your case will reflect the needs and size of the family in the case you choose. The average advocate spends 10–15 hours a month.

Do I choose my case?

Yes, each CASA volunteer is given a selection of cases to review and choose from. We may suggest a case, but the CASA volunteer always has the right to choose his or her case.

I cannot make one or two of the training dates. Do I have to wait for the next training?

No, please call the office and we can make arrangements for you to make up one or two missed classes.

I work full time. Can I still be a CASA volunteer?

Yes, as a CASA volunteer you have control of your investigation schedule. The only conflicts you might have are court hearings and some case meetings. With advance notice, staff can attend on your behalf if you are unavailable.

What happens if I go out of town or am on vacation?

CASA staff or another CASA volunteer will cover any important meetings you would miss. If you are going to be on an extended trip (more than one month) we might ask that you make phone contact with the child or children on your case.

Where is Champaign County CASA located?

Champaign County CASA resides near the southeast end on the second floor of Lincoln Square Mall, which is located on Illinois Street between Race Street and Vine Street.

If you have any additional questions about being an advocate, please call our staff at (217) 384-9065 or send an e-mail to casa@casa4kids.org.

What do you cover in your training?

Check out this infographic for more information!